Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello world

My latest project was this fun spider Halloween skirt. My best buddy Amber gave me the fun flowy idea. Our sunbeams loved it today at Church.

Now you see me...

Now you don't. heheheh

Hayden's BIG smile.

My boys and there spiky hair. Hayden's hair was long enough for a pony tail in back.

Race car driver's Hayden and Chloe.

The bear cubs...Hayden and Alex. They nap together, eat together and even wrestle like cubs. Yes, he is the ladies man already.

He has learned how to put pants on and LOVES playing with belts... so I rolled up Bret's pant legs and used his belt as suspenders. You can see how much he liked his new outfit. This was post mommy hair cut. He actually did pretty good till the hair started collecting on his wet body in the bath tub. That is when he started freaking out not knowing what it all was. I cut between 2-4in of hair off his head!!

Hayden what does a cow say "Mooo".

The farmer and his little calf.

The farmer and Daisy Duke. You can kind of see how full Bret's beard was. He was so happy to shave it off yesterday after only 2 weeks of growth.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Picture update

Bath time, play time!

For our 3rd anniversary we played at Michigan Adventure!

Mommies little cuddle bug :)

We love to play outside and enjoy nice Michigan days in the sun.

This was a fun morning of disc golf with lots of friends. Hayden had lots of fun playing with Jeremy and Amy Strabbing, Tyler Neil and mommy and daddy.

Learning all the right moves from daddy.

It was so great to watch him throw and chase the discs.

The boys now have matching Lion's caps. Bret had to get them so we could go to our first pro football game. It was the last preseason game. We all had a great time and the best part is the Lion's actually own!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer fun

We've been busy this summer!!! We flew out to Washington in June to visit family and be in Bret's Sister's wedding. I was able to be a bridesmaid and made my dress and one more also. Bret talked me into making matching Hawaiian shirts for him and Hayden. We were the best dressed if I say so myself:). During our 2 week trip we visited Washington, Organ, Utah and Idaho. We really enjoyed staying with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. Hayden even got a little time alone with them while Bret and I took a trip to Lagoon. It's a really fun amusement park near Salt Lake City Utah. Hayden is a great traveler and loved getting to know his new uncle Ross. We love visiting family and friends!!!
Bret started back to school and work the day after we got home. While we were gone he got transferred to a different Radio Shack. He likes his coworkers and manager and because of school he has been getting less hours which means less income. We take turns telling each other "it will be ok honey we pay our tithing so the Lord will provide". We are so grateful for all HE does for us!!!

Hayden keeps growing. The other morning I got him out of bed then went to the bathroom. Usually, I close the upstairs gate but I didn't because he followed me into the potty and I figured he would stay upstairs with me. He is really good at going up and down on his belly so when I heard movement on the stairs I didn't think much of it. I washed my hands and rounded the corner to find him standing up holding the railing and stepping down to the 5th stair from the top!! My heart stopped!!! I ran down to him to get after him. He just smiled like a big boy and reached for my hand we walked the rest of the stairs together. He is growing up too fast!!!
We just transferred from the Kalamazoo University Branch to Kalamazoo 2 ward because Hayden is now old enough to go to nursery. HE LOVES IT!!! He is really nice during Sacrament meeting then when it's over we ask "Do you want to go to class?" This last week he pushed Bret out of the way and almost ran to his class room.
Our 3rd wedding anniversary is the 25th of this month. Hayden will get to stay a couple of days with Grandma and Grandpa Gutgsell while Bret and I travel with the Neils to Ceder Point! Bret has never been and when I told him that was my plan he had that kid in a candy store look :) We all hope the weather is nice and the lines are not too long. Ohio here we come. Hayden better be nice to Grandma and Grandpa.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monkey for a son

Tonight I had Hayden while Kari was off visiting teaching. When ever we put Hayden down to bed, we always read him a book or two before laying him down. He likes to climb up in his rocking chair and sit in it by himself while you read the book to him, and then he gets down and runs around his room too. I always try to beat him to the rocking chair so that I can sit in it to read his book and then he plays the up down game with me while I am reading his book. So tonight he beat me to the rocking chair and I decided to sit on the floor with my back leaning up against his crib. We always leave the bar down to his crib when we get him out of it and put it up after we lay him down for bed.
I was reading his book and Hayden decided to come sit on my lap, then after about 3 seconds of that he decided that he would turn around and give me a hug. Doing so he was facing his crib next thing I know he was climbing up me by stepping on my stomach to my chest and then to my shoulder. By this point he was high enough to put one leg over the bar and straddle it then continued on to the other side and kind of fell into his crib. After laying there for about 5 seconds in his crib he wanted back out but could not do so by himself. I was able to lift him out with out getting up and after I set him back on the floor he was back on me trying to climb up again. This time I stopped him because I was one page away from finishing the book, and wanted him to start settling down so that when the next time he did get in his crib it would be to go to bed.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hayden loves Bret's cowboy hat!

This is my parents big oak tree in there back yard. Great for pictures.

Quite the little gentleman and so smart!

Hayden hanging out with Grandma VanZanten.

Cute cousins!!! Hayden wanted to hold Hannah so bad.

We love visiting Grandma Gutgsell's house! The crew included Madison, Me, Hayden, Sophia, Molly, Yasmin, Grandma and Cade.
My parents just got a new puppy named Molly. Hayden's best buddy.

Hayden loves Daddy and Puppy time!!!

We want a puppy.

Hayden and Grandpa Gutgsell. Best buddies!!!

Hayden is entertaining Mommy with his favorite instrument.

Perfect summer treat!!!

Buddies forever!!! Kari and Bret, Tyler and Desiree, Annalaura and Chris.